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Home office IT support in Perth

Do you want the technology of your home to not only work but to also work together?
These days, there are effective ways of ensuring all of your devices work as a team.
Ashton Technology can show you how.

Repairs and service

It is frustrating when your computer is not working the way it should. With over 20 years of industry experience, we can diagnose and fix the problem quickly at a price that fits your budget. Say goodbye to black screens and confusing
error messages.
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Malware and virus removal

Any computer can be vulnerable to viruses and malware. Our trusted detection and removal services will ensure your personal information is safe from identity theft. Viruses can also slow down your computer. Regular monitoring and removal will keep your system running at 
peak performance.
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Data recovery

Lost work due to accidental deletions or computer malfunctions is heartbreaking. However, do not lose hope, we are experts at data recovery. If there is a way to retrieve your files or photos, Ashton Technology will find it.

Data back-up and migration

If you have purchased a new computer, we can help move the files and photos stored on your old hard drive to your new system. We will even set up a backup plan so all your data is protected from accidental deletion.
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Mobile phone set-up

Mobile phones come with an amazing array of tools to help make your life easier. We can help you set up your phone to check your email, sync with your computer and more. Let us help you get the most out of your
mobile device.
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