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Computers play a huge role in your life. You likely use a computer at work to accomplish many of your tasks, and a personal computer at home helps you do research, stream videos, play games and stay connected with friends on social media.

So when your computer stops working or part of it breaks, you need expert computer repair services to get the machine up and running again. We aim to provide the fastest and best services so you can use your computer in no time.

Get Help Any Time

Ashton Technology customers can benefit from a wide range of professional computer and IT services, including expert computer repairs. Whether you have just bought a new computer and need software installed or you are having issues with your existing machine and need troubleshooting help, Ashton Technology is the perfect choice. We service Joondalup, Wangara, Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

Because computer problems do not always happen during normal business hours, after-hours appointments are available. We also offer mobile support at short notice.

Take Advantage of Our Services

From computer repairs to total system upgrades, we’re your go-to shop for computer services. We can also work on software complements of your computer system and assist you with data recovery, virus removal and network and security issues if necessary. Read below to learn more about how you can benefit from our expertise.

Call us on  0433 102 277 or submit an enquiry using the form at the bottom of the page for computer repairs in the Joondalup, Wangara, Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

Computer repairs

If your existing computer has begun to operate more slowly or you have discovered corrupt files or data, then Ashton Technology can perform a thorough inspection to locate the problem and fix it. If data has been lost or has gone missing, we will track it down where it is possible.
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Custom-built systems and upgrades

Ashton Technology offers a professional custom-built systems service. We can build powerful and efficient systems to meet your individual needs. Each system includes a one-year onsite warranty and 2.5 hours of installation at your home or business.

Software and hardware upgrades

If you have bought a new IT system for home or for work, then Ashton Technology will ensure all software and hardware is suitably connected and installed for
your convenience.
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Data recovery

Often, customers need to get data from their old computer systems, such as photos and emails and need help setting up new accounts, security, and printers. When you come to Ashton Technology, you will not have to worry about any of this, as it will all be done quickly and for an
affordable price.
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Experienced and specially trained technicians

Network and security issues

At Ashton technology, we will do everything in our power to protect your network from hackers, viruses and malware.

Virus removal

We can diagnose and uninstall viruses and malware that can slow down your computer and corrupt your data.
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