Computer repair service in the Northern Suburbs

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Having problems with your computer or laptop?

If you don’t have the technical expertise to get your computer working at its best, you need Ashton Technology. 

Ashton Technology specialises in visiting homes and small businesses to give advice and troubleshoot a variety of problems. I also specialise in the installation of software and the custom assembly of hardware. Servicing Woodvale, and surrounding areas, I provide a computer repair service 7 days a week. 


As a premier mobile computer repair, Ashton Technology offers a full range of computer services and troubleshooting.  I will make sure all your computer needs are met so you can get back to what you want to do—whether it is working, gaming, or surfing the net. My services include:

  • Computer repairs (Mac or PC)
  • Software and hardware upgrades
  • Virus removal
  • Data recovery
  • Custom systems and installs

I always advise on the phone whether the repair is better dealt with on site or bringing the repair to me. If on site, there is a minimum charge for 1 hour but regardless of this hour I will always allow 2 hours for an appointment to ensure a job is never rushed. A fixed one-year warranty period is offered for your peace of mind. 

About Us

Based in Woodvale, I offer leading mobile computer repair, providing a comprehensive range of services for those looking to get the most out of their computer or laptop. 

I don't simply hand you the hardware and expect you to set it up; I come to you, provide you with the best technology, and assist you in any installation or assembly. 

It is important to me that I get your computer up and running as quickly and as cost effectively as possible, so that you can continue doing what is important to you. 

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